2 thoughts on “Sommarnatt

  1. Hi Julie, i was wondering how you did the black background? Watched the videos but couldnt find it:) big fan of you now btw!!! I learn so much from you by just watching your videos. I just wish you used your polychromos pencils more often. I know the prismas are your fafs! But as i “only” have the polychromos ones, and they are harder to blend, i would love to see you work with them. Anyway, keep up the good work, it is so much fun to learn from you! Xxx

    1. Hello, thank you!
      I’m planning to use the polychromos more often but for some reason i always grab the prismas… Lol
      Black background i do with uni posca markers, it should be shown in video… But oh well… Sometimes i fast forward or just forget to show things, sorry about that.
      Uni posca markers are acrylic markers, really nice to work with in coloring books!

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