Review Ayahuasca jungle visions – a coloring book

Review AYAHUASCA Jungle visions – a coloring book by Alexander George Ward.

Thanks to the great artist Alexander George Ward, i got the opportunity to review his amazing new coloring book.



Artist: Alexander George Ward
Publisher: Divine Arts
ISBN: 978-1611250534
Print: pages to color are printed on one sight
Paper: white:
Price: 12$95

All pages can be pulled out.
There is also a color protector page in the book for protecting the next page while using markers that bleed through!

Information on the backside of the book:

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions is a coloring book inspired by artist Alexander George Ward’s journey from the source of the Amazon River into the very heart of the Amazon Jungle. There, at the home of the greatest abundance of life on this sacred Earth, Ward encountered the ancient cultures and traditions of tribes that have learned to live in harmony with Mother Nature.
As you color the magnificent illustrations that grew from his travels, you will begin to see the jungle through the eyes of ancient shamanic cultures. The tints and tones you choose will guide you into the artist’s vision of humanity in proper relationship to Mother Nature, Pachamama: the great giver of life. Each image you complete will lead you closer to discovering your own place within the vast web of nature, which connects us all.
Alexander George Ward is a world-traversing, multidisciplinary, visionary artist. He has worked as an art directorflr the animated feature film Back to the sea (China) and as a conceptual artist for video games such as DJ Hero 2 (UK). He divides his time between the UK and Greece.

First impression:

Amazing, beautiful bookcover! Makes me want to open it immediately!
When i opened the book, i saw all wonderful drawings about everything in the jungle.
From flowers, over peoples to animals…


Very professional drawings from the hand of a real artist
Not only very detailed pages but also pages with larger areas for the colorists who just started coloring.
White, not very heavy weighted paper

Paper in combination with different mediums:
Colored pencils: perfect! Good paper to use with colored pencils (any brand)
Watercolor pencils + brush/waterbrush: not a good idea, water makes the paper start to buckle
Watercolor pencils + blenderpen: because a blenderpen is also wet, this technique is difficult to use in this book
Normal pens/fineliners: that is ok, you can perfectly color with pens in the book but make sure u use the protector page because the pens will bleed through.
Alcohol based markers: in this case, you’ll need more than one protector page, alcohol markers always do bleed through and run out
Acrylic based markers: makes the paper also start to buckle


WAW what an artist!
This book is so beautiful illustrated!
Paper is not the best quality in combination with water but working with normal coloring pencils and pens is really not a problem.
For those who like anything about nature /jungle this is really a book to have!

I can’t wait to start coloring!

Some pictures:


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