BON VOYAGE By Lizzie Mary Cullen – review

Review BON VOYAGE by Lizzie Mary Cullen

Thanks to John Murray Learning, i get the chance to review another beautiful book!



Artist: Lizzie Mary Cullen
Publisher: John Murray Learning
ISBN: 978-1-473-64018-4
Print: pages to color are printed on both sides
Paper: white
Price: 9£99
Buy it here:
Information on the backside of the book:

Discover the beauty of all things French as Lizzie Mary Cullen takes you on a cultural exploration like no other.
Trace your pencil through iconic urban spaces, elegant art nouveau patterns, peaceful landscapes and elaborate stained glass rosettes as part of an immersive journey through France and French life.
Gild, decorate and bring to life exquisite details, both historic and modern, including hand-made lace, intricate royal gardens, classical architecture, scrumptious patisserie windows and stylish Parisian shops. Lizzie’s unique style rooted in psychogeography and urban cartography has resulted in lavish interpretations and new perspectives on iconic images.
Over 80 of the most poignant French proverbs provide a window into the culture and te inspiration for the hidden objects you will discover as you lose yourself in the icons of France.

Lizzie Mary Cullen is an award-winning illustrator, artist and speaker based in London.
Working in pen and ink, her psychogeographic maps of urban environments have been exhibited around the world.

First impression:

Just like ‘Buena vista’ , I was so happy when i received this book because i allready have 2 of Lizzie’s books (The magical city and The magical journey) and i really really love her books and beautiful artwork.
So my first impression of this new book is : a few drawings look also a bit smaller but her unique way of illustrating is still there!
The format of the book is the same as the 2 others and that is a very nice format to color in. (25 x 25 cm)
I also notice that each illustration has a French proverb. (Like the Spanish proverbs in ‘Buena vista’)


As i said before, Lizzie has a very unique style of illustrating and yes this book is another proof of how talented she is. All drawings are about France .
The drawings are a bit smaller and don’t cover the whole page but i think that’s ok because then you can play with coloring the background.
This book is very well printed, no blurry lines!

I also told you that there are words written on some drawings… French proverbs.
All proverbs are translated in the back of the book and there you can also find the English equivalent.
What i also like a lot is that each image contains a hidden object. The reveal of all hidden objects, you can also find in the back of the book.


White and smooth paper. I hope the paper has the same quality as the other 2 books because i really love to play with watercolor in her images. But that i’ll find out very soon!

Paper in combination with different mediums

Colored pencils:
Perfect! You can use any brand of colored pencil in this book without a problem. I tried prismacolor, lyra and caran d’ache and it was very easy to color and blend the colors together.

Watercolor pencils + brush/waterbrush:
Tested with derwent inktense + waterbrush: works perfect! And i am so happy because i really love to use this technique in those books! Paper doesn’t start to buckle and it is easy to move the color over the paper. There is no bleed through at all!

Watercolor pencils + blenderpen:
Also tested with derwent inktense pencils and a Zig blenderpen.
This technique also works very good in this book! No bleed through and no buckled paper!

Normal pens/fineliners:
For all fans of using pens: don’t worry! You can use your pens in this book without bleeding through, only when you go over and over the same spot a whole lot, you have a little bleed through.

Alcohol based markers:
Bleed through… But these markers always bleed through in coloring books, you can color with it but then you will ruin the page on the other side

Acrylic based markers:
Ok but i won’t recomment it for bigger areas because then you destroy the paper a little bit but for details it works perfect!


Another amazing book by Lizzie Mary Cullen! Really beautiful artwork!
There are detailed images but also images that are a bit bigger for those who just start to color.
I really recomment this book to anyone who likes to color!

Some pictures:


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