Summernights – Hanna Karlzon


3 thoughts on “Summernights – Hanna Karlzon

  1. I have watched many videos on adult coloring since I got into this hobby and I have to tell you that each and every one of yours surpasses even those who claim to be professional. I love your slow methodical way of coloring which gives colorist a chance to actually watch what you are doing and learn from it.I have learned more from you not talking but showing than I have those that talk and tell you. I’m not in any way saying those people are not talented or in any way am I taking away from them. I have seen some beautiful work but again yours surpasses. Chris Cheng is the next one I like but sometimes she uses so many different colors that its hard to keep up. I just wanted to say thank you and how much I love and appreciate your tutorials. I will be 66 next month and I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritius. My sister gave me acoloring book when I was diagnosed because I was unable to crochet and knit anymore and couldnt sit without my hands being busy. It’s hard holding needles and hooks because your not aware of the pressure it takes to hold them until you start hurting. I have found that holding a coloring pencil it sorta forces you to be aware of the pressure and in turn that prevents the more severe pain. I tell you this so that maybe you can passthis along to others and they might benifit as I did. This disease can cause you to become very depressed because it begins to limit your activities and sometimes even takes them away from you as it did mine. Coloring has been my lifesaver as far as that is concerned. So please if you know or someone or you can somehow pass this news forward, Im sure other people can be helped too. Please forgive the book but said what I needed to say. Again thank you so very much for your time and talent and willingness to share with others. You truly have a wonderful God given talent and heart. Virginia Scott

    1. Hello Virginia,
      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I also have a lot of health issues and i know coloring can be a very very good therapy, especially for the mental health.
      I find it very relaxing and when coloring i forget all the rest…
      I’m glad the videos can be helpful, some are a bit fast forwarded but i try to keep them simple and easy to follow.
      I appreciate your response, i wish you all the best!

  2. Especiallythe mental health. Physical is hard enoughbut emotional, that is the hardest. And yes coloring can be a lifesaver there. May God bless and I will remember you in prayer. About those kind words, Im glad you know they were from the heart but they are also the facts. Yoyr the best, short and simple.I will be watching you for sure…. : )

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