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Review THE POMEGRANATE GROVE coloring book

Review THE POMEGRANATE GROVE coloring book

Thanks to Antonina Kalinina i get the chance to review this beautiful coloring book.



Book: THE POMEGRANATE GROVE coloring book
Artist: Antonina Kalinina
ISBN: 9781536817164
Print: pages to color are printed on one side
Paper: white
Price: $6.30
Buy it here:


The designs in this book are inspired by Iznik pottery, a type of ceramics decorated with bright and intricate floral patterns, which originated in the famous Turkish city of Iznik(known as Nicaea in antiquity). Iznik pottery flourished from the late 15th till 17th century, but it’s influence is still very much alive in the work of modern Turkish artisan ceramics.
Tulips and carnations, pomegranates, artichokes, hyacinths and campanulae are some of the popular Iznik motifs. Iznik ceramic murals often depict a cherry or an almond tree in full bloom against a deep blue or white background – this pattern is called ‘tree of life’.
Cheerful bright hues of blue and red dominate the Iznik palette, but you can also see on occasional splash of yellow and green. One would see a blue carnation or a blue tulip in Iznik desings – isn’t it an amazing freedom to learn from for a colorist as well?

Iznik knew no mandalas, but rather round patterns painted on dishes. However, the traditional Iznik flowers – carnations, hyacinths, tulips and campanulae – make great stuff for intricate mandalas. I included some such mandalas in this book alongside with a couple of versions of the ‘tree of life’ pattern.

I hope that the spirit of Iznik is present here despite some inevitable modifications.
Welcome to the Pomegranate Grove – fragrant with campanulae and hyacinths, where the tree of life grows clad in perpetual bloom, and where precious pomegranates hang down from intertwined branches and fall on the grass mottled with bright carnations and tulips. Whether you color it your own way or the traditional way – using blues and reds only – i hope the time you spend on it will be pleasurable and rewarding.

Happy coloring!

First impression

Because i really love intricate and detailed pictures to color … I loved the cover of this book from the first moment i saw it!
When looking in the book, my first impression was: very detailed flower patterns and light weighted paper.


As i allready said, all pictures are very detailed!
They are all tiny flowers and leaves but if you like intricate coloring pages you really will love this book.
The lines are not too thick and the book is very well printed.


White, smooth but very light weighted paper.
In the book you can find an 80% discount code to buy a digital printed version. That way you can print the images on any paper brand you want.

Paper in combination with different mediums

Colored pencils:
Perfect! You can use any brand of colored pencil in this book without a problem. I tried prismacolor, lyra and faber castell polychromos and it was very easy to color and blend the colors together.






Watercolor pencils + brush/waterbrush: 

Tested with derwent inktense pencils.
Because the drawings are very detailed it’s hard to stay in between the lines with an aquabrush.
It doesn’t bleed through but the paper will buckle. I don’t really recommend this technique in this book.

Watercolor pencils + blenderpen:
This technique works perfect! When using a blenderpen with a very small tip (i used tombow N00) you can get a very nice effect. Paper will not start to buckle and doesn’t bleed through!

Normal pens/fineliners:
Tested with staedtler teiplus fineliners. They bleed through a bit but when you put an extra white paper in between 2 pages you will not ruin your next page. Every picture is one side printed also.






Alcohol based markers:
Bleed through… But these markers always bleed through in coloring books.


Very cute book with nice, intricate, detailed illustrations of flowers and leaves.
Not really a recommendation for people who just started coloring but for those who love intricate drawings, this is really a very good book!
Paper is not very good quality but with the 80% coupon code you can print the images on any paper you want.

Some pictures: