Hello friends,

My name is Julie and i’m from Belgium.

I started coloring in 2007 and you can say … I am a little addicted to it.

Coloring takes away all the stress … And for me it’s the best relaxation therapy!

I post videos, colored pages, coloring book reviews…


you can also find me here:

facebook: julie’s passion for coloring

instagram: juliebouve

youtube: youtube.com/c/juliespassionforcoloring


Colorful greetings,



49 thoughts on “About

  1. “Coloring takes away all the stress … And for me it’s the best relaxation therapy!”

    How true! I love how you color and all your video’s. Thank-you Julie, from California.

  2. Hi Julie! I enjoy your coloring tutorials so very much. Your talent with coloring is just amazing. Do you think you will ever do some tutorials coloring in Klara Markova’s “Carovne Lahodnosti”? I would love to see your work in that book.
    Happy coloring!

  3. Hi Julie. My name is Lori and I live in New Jersey. I have been coloring for as long as I can remember but never have I seen such beautiful work with pencils. I purchased the German Kohl pencils after I watched you color,with yours. These are very nice pencils, but like you, I still favor the Prismacolor pencils. I love the tins our pencils come in. I really like the way you colored the brownish mandala. Very talented. You also did festive Christmas beautifully!

  4. “/9;.Hi Julie, I love your tutorials I have learned so much…. My name is Joan and I am from Oxford Massachusetts. I hope you continue to post some pictures from Johanna Bashford? Can you suggest other books that you use? I also love Prismacolor Premier pencils they just brings out the beauty of my pictures. Can you please let me know what type of maker you use to make snow. I have purchased a oil based paint pen and then I purchased a Sharpie Permanent white marking stick, of course is wrong… Does not work. So can you help me?

      1. Hi Julie, Thank you so much for suggesting Uni POSCA Markers. I received my markers yesterday and totally love them. They make any picture really pop with color. I have purchased 2 different types of markers, which were paint. They ran and the paint smell gave me a headache. These markers do not smell or run. I purchased a package of 12 colors, PC-1M. I just love them… Thank you Julie.

  5. Hi! My name is Sue. I have been so inspired by your videos! I have started using my prismas again. How do you sharpen yours? I have been usjng TGall on #1 but would prefer a longef point like you get on yours. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sue. You would love a helical blade sharpener, either the hand crank or the electric. Mine runs on batteries so I can take it any place and not have to worry about plugging it in somewhere. Helical blade sharpeners stopped my Prismacolors from breaking and they put a VERY long point on pencils. You can buy a decent one on Amazon for around $15. Sometimes the seller puts “helical” in the title or description, some times they don’t do be sure to check out the pictures and comments. If you need to know what they look like I’ll include a link to the one I bought (no affiliation.)

  6. Hi Julie I have just finished following along to your Enchanted Forest Dragonfly. I have to say without your help I would never have managed all the intricate detailed work. Grouping the shades in 3 was such a great idea. I am very pleased with my finished picture and though it is nowhere near as beautiful as yours its one of my better efforts. Thank you Yvonne x

  7. Hi Julie, I’m Laura from California and I have been following you for quite some time now and I really enjoy the colors you use and your technique. I recently followed along and colored the Tucan bird from Magical Jungle and I am so happy with it. I have such a hard time choosing the right colors (even when I use a color wheel) and your color choices are always so beautiful and really make the images pop. Did you study color theory? Do you have any advice on how to choose colors? Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring all of us to color, color, color!

  8. Just discovered you on you tube & will be watching more of your videos. Not sure which video it was in but I am wondering what kind of art stick you used to scrape color into the background? It looked like you activated it with a baby wipe? I sometimes feel background work is tedious and loved the quick results you achieved with that technique. Love your work !

  9. WOW, Julie everything you do is so beautiful!! You have such a natural talent. I just got done watching you water color “Magical Jungle” with Faber Castell pencils. So pretty!! Could you tell me what the brand name of the water color pen it is you use? When I use mine the hairs on the brush bend and splay out. I noticed when you watercolor your brush stays pointed. Is it a nib tip? Or do you use a very light hand? Maybe I am pushing to hard?

  10. Hi Julie, I absolutely love your coloring. I am trying to learn the art of shading and blending and have watched a ton of your videos. Just wondering.. do you start with more pressure and then gradually get softer to make the next color blend better? I have such a difficult time with blending as well as color choices and you do a fabulous job at both. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  11. Absolutely beautiful coloring. Love it. Your inktense pictures amaze me. Inktense is one of my favorites but I have problems with bleed through. Right now testing in mythomorphia and still get bleed through. Use kuretake waterbrushes and try not to overdo the water. Any suggestions. Yours are so gorgeous.

  12. Dear Julie, I love your work. You are so talented ! I was wondering if you could list all the pencil brands that you have. As far as I can see you seem to have just EVERYTHING that is available on the market πŸ˜‰

  13. I love your videos, you are so talented! Thank you for taking the time to post your tutorials, they are so awesome. I would like to try to color following one of your videos, and, since I own Enchanted Forest, I thought I’d try the dragon fly. I cannot clearly see some of the pencil names listed, and, the list at the beginning of the fist video is not clear enough on my device to see. I was wondering if I could ask you to list the pencils used for that picture, or a link, if one exists? I am fortunate to own the Prismacolor 150 set and I love it. I also enjoy seeing the different coloring books you cover on your site and on YouTube. Thanks in advance for your help!

  14. Hello Julie, I was looking on the Internet for inspiration, and I found you. I love your tutorials which I am watching, especially the Ivy and the Inky Butterfly. Your tutorials are really helping me, and I am now able to produce some good pages. I have the artistic ability of a house brick! but I am learning so much from you that I am now pleased with my pages. Thank you so much

  15. I was wondering if you would take special coloring requests? I have a few I would love to see you do and color along with. They’re all in books that you have already. Just curious, thanks!

  16. Hi Julie,
    My name is Josie and I am a new crafter. I own a lot of My Besties stamps. I am in awe of your beautiful work. Do you use Mineral Spirits and your projects?

  17. Hi Julie,
    I love the look of the chalk background and was wondering what type of applicator do you use to spread your chalk?

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